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Tiger Laying in Wait Art Masterpost

So heroinebigbang was short artists and since I liked faithdaria's idea and it was spawned out of my head canon of what Grimms looked like to Wesen, I made the art for it.  This is the first time the art was completely computer-based.a play off of ying-and yangCollapse )tigers icon color 1 (click the banner to find the story)
b banner eThe tiger is a symbol of courage and bravery and has the power to drive away demons and evil spirits. Also, we found out later that both Dana and Terry would be tigers by the Chinese calender.Collapse )


Sketch: Chibi!Spock

So I wrote this and after some comments from a reviewer, had to draw this: 
see art?Collapse )and Icon!


Comic: Dean and Boogie


This is a spin-off of Who's the Boogieman Now? a Criminal Minds crossover.
Cross-posted on faithburke 
Disclaimer: Calvin and Hobbes belong to Bill Watterson. I'm just borrowing them.
Dean, Go out and play with that neighbor kid.Collapse )

icons: from my pics and art

first from the comic 'Dean and Boogie'

mostly from the grand canyon Collapse )
other randomCollapse )